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New Monoclonal Antibodies (200+ Products) to Advance Your Research,From Abnova 2015 New mAb Newsletter
New Monoclonal Antibodies (200+ Products) to Advance Your Research
Dear Scientisits, 

Abnova offers 200+ new exceptional antigen recognizing monoclonal antibodies. With high specificity and consistency, they will help you to accelerate your research progress. Please check the following information for more new and featured monoclonal antibodies.

New CD Marker Antibodies: 
LTBR (CD18) CD28 CD40 CD40LG
CD80 CD86 TNFRSF9 (CD137) CTLA4 (CD152)
TNFSF8 (CD153) TNFRSF10A (CD261) TNFRSF10B (CD262) PDCD1LG2 (CD273)
CD274 ICOSLG (CD275) CD276 PDCD1 (CD279)

Featured Monoclonal Antibodies: 
Catalog # Product Name
H00026112-M05 CCDC69 monoclonal antibody
H00079004-M03 CUEDC2 monoclonal antibody
H00259282-M06 FAM44A monoclonal antibody
H00003043-M02A HBB monoclonal antibody
H00125170-M04 SMCR7 monoclonal antibody

Other Monoclonal Antibodies: 

Yours Respectfully,
Abnova Corporation

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